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Placing Customers in your front door
Online Business Development

About Dgraphia

Dgraphia provides online services for professionals and companies to assist in getting more prospective customers online and to sell more to actual customers.

We work with companies, schools and teachers, doctors, chiropractors, CPAs, realtors, and other professionals to build and increase their online presence, get more leads, and convert them into new paying customers.

Our commitment is to deliver results. So, we only take a project, when we know we can help.

Dgraphia started in 2013, with web design services only, but a website wasn’t and isn’t enough to deliver results, so I decide to venture into the world of digital marketing, and the results were great.

Our job is to build online platforms that actually help professionals and companies to get more contact forms filled, more phone calls, and more visits from people that require your products and services.

We take advantage of what you already have built online and create the rest of your online platform, to guarantee a better outcome for you and your company.

Our Mission

“Assist professionals and companies
to acquire more leads and customers online”.

About Me

My name is Alec, I started in the design world in 2000, I worked for a printing company for a few years as a graphic designer. However, I was interested in doing more than graphics, actually, I was (and still am) interested in helping my customers to get better results for their businesses.

I was looking for something that was fun, and at the same time good for my customers and for me as well. So, I searched for a way to do that, and I found that web design was a perfect alternative.

I’ve worked with schools, doctors, architects, printing companies, realtors, and other professionals and companies to increase their online presence, and drive more customers to their front doors.

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Alec Alfaro | Online Business Consultant

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Web Design

Web Design

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Web Design

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Drive more new customers to your front door.

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